Functional testing

Sunlight provides functional testing with its turn-key assembly services. To avoid assembly issues such as shorts, opens, missing components or the installation of incorrect parts, functional testing is executed after the circuit boards are assembled and AOI & visual inspections are completed. It allows us to find and correct component failures, assembly defects or potential design issues at an early stage and makes troubleshooting as quickly as possible.

  • Automated computer-based functional testing is done by assembly line operators through testing software and instruments such as digital multi-meters, input/output PCBs, communication ports to monitor the devices under test.
  • If the board testing fails, a troubleshooting program will be launched to find out the root cause. An 8D quality assurance report will be created by our quality engineer soon after failure cause is located. 
  • We have the confidence to ensure the quality that customers expect with our experienced and dedicated team of test engineers, technicians, and a custom test portfolio based on customer’s specifications and requirements to validate that products meet manufacturing and functional objectives. We support numerous electrical, functional and reliability testing.